Nick Donnoli Productions LLC was established in 2011 by way of directing cameraman Nick Donnoli's interest in hearing and telling other people's stories in an artful and compelling way.


Known for his relaxed demeanor, patience, and ability to make even the most timid subjects naturals on camera, Nick has found himself in a variety of roles in his 10+ years of production experience; he's been on set with Oscar-nominated directors, in the production offices for feature documentaries and network shows, in the field documenting world-renowned businessmen, scientists and musicians, at press meetings gathering capitol city news, and on the sidelines capturing the action at various sporting events. These experiences have led Nick towards not only developing exceptional camera instincts and an eye for composition, but also a keenness for digital content development and strategy.


Nick takes the time to listen and discuss with his team/clients on how to focus the project and best approach every situation, whether it be a marketing video, Facebook Live broadcast or a strategy for filming a 4-camera shoot at a sporting event. His devotion to his work has earned him national and regional recognition, including 3 Telly awards.