We're here to tell your story.


You have a unique story to tell.  And we specialize in unveiling the passions that drive the characters in our stories and energize your audience.  


We believe that nothing can match the feeling of viewing a heartfelt message on video.  You connect with the physical emotion; the joy and excitement exuding from people's faces or stoic expressions of overcoming a personal struggle can transcend the written word.  Whether your story is told through the members of your organization or the CEO, a message delivered on video is hands down more impactful because the viewer becomes involved in the emotions that the subject is experiencing.  It puts what you do into action and inspires your audience to also want to do the same.  


We're known for making the process comfortable and worry free, so there is no need to stress about production or being in front of the camera.  We also love working with clients and on teams to develop strategies on how to best implement the content we create together.  So when you're ready to share your story with the world, we'll be behind the camera, prompting the interview.


Behind the scenes of a broadcast TV shoot filming a NASA Flight Director in front of the Enterprise Space Shuttle at the Intrepid Museum in New York City.