Competency 5:  Engage in Professional Development
  • Demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development

I have been a multimedia professional for the past 10 years and was hired one year ago as a Multimedia Specialist in the Office of Communications at Princeton University.  Apart from visiting trade websites and analyzing online tutorials on a regular basis, I’d like to demonstrate my disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development by discussing my recent experience with the largest conference in the United States for video professionals, the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters).  NAB hosts two shows each year, one in New York City and another, larger show in Las Vegas.  This year I was able to attend the event in New York City.  Although I could not make the Las Vegas show, I still followed the conference online and kept up on keynote speakers and presentations.

At the New York City NAB Show, I was able to be hands-on with the latest equipment and speak with representatives about how to improve my workflow and output.  I built relationships that began at this show and was able to follow up with both Canon and Panasonic representatives to have them come to my office, evaluate our current inventory, and discuss options for improving the quality of my office’s multimedia presence online.  From those meetings, I was introduced to local vendors to help implement the new equipment into our workflow.

The artifact that I included is one of many presentations that I viewed online from the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.  This particular example demonstrated Clemson University’s athletic video production workflow, which not only produced web-ready content, but also expertly integrated with Adobe products to turn content around almost instantly for social media, which they referred to as “content velocity.”  It was inspiring to see how they were able to organize a team of student videographers and a staff of content professionals to produce constant, and more importantly on-time and relevant, social media content during their football games.  I was able to learn about new tools that Adobe had recently released and how Clemson was able to adopt them to streamline their production methods.  Additionally, it was great to see their process for organization and retrieval and how efficient it was for a fast-paced environment.  It is a presentation that I intend to share with my colleagues and social media team to see if my office could incorporate some of the tools they use so that we can produce better social media content and work more collaboratively as a whole.

I hope to continue to engage in these types of experiences to not only increase my own potential, but suggest new ideas and creative approaches to familiar situations within whatever working environment I find myself in the coming years.


Clemson Athletics 2017 NAB Presentation