Learning Adobe Spark Video for Classroom Integration

 A video tutorial that explains not only how to use the video aspect of Adobe Spark, but also discusses its benefits, drawbacks, and key educational uses for students. 

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro - Transitioning
from Final Cut

 An Adobe Premiere Lesson series created specifically work professionals who are transitioning from a different software package or for those who have been out of non-linear editing for a period of time and want to reacquaint themselves with a modern editor.  There are 4 lessons in total, which can be viewed here. 


Bringing the Pizzeria Home

This project is a short video introducing a topic of instruction, which in this case is how to make homemade pizza.  It begins with a story introduction to engage the viewer and then continues to gradually incorporate some pre-training material to prepare the viewers for the instruction that is to come.  This project made use of the Modality Principle and the Pre-training Principle. Play the video to the left and view my storyboard below to read more about my instructional context and how the multimedia principles were integrated.

Design Project | Digital Storytelling

Story Board

Design Project | e-Learning Course

Design Project | e-Learning Course

Global Warming in Your Community

Using the SAMR model, this lesson was developed around one of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science for grades six through eight and centered around the driving question, “how will global warming influence our local ecosystems and why is it important to make a difference locally?”  Students make use of web-based  tools to gather data, develop hypothesis, and share their ideas via the Internet. 

Design Project | Partnering with    Web-based Tools in the Classroom


90 Second Video Series at Princeton University

Produced for the Office of Communications social media channels, this video series uses Princeton professors to educate the audience on a unique aspects of trending topics.


Videos in playlist include:

  • Fear explained in 90 seconds with a Princeton psychologist

  • Secrets of a touchdown pass in 90 seconds with a Princeton physicist

  • Solar Eclipse in 90 seconds with a Princeton astrophysicist 

Design Project | e-Learning Videos